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Cluster Informations

An emerging new economic order coupled with unbounded trade limits, imbalances in the technological advancement among the nations and aggressive market strategy all contribute to the serious challenges experienced by small and medium entrepreneurs particularly the small-scale sector. On this background, cluster development attracts much importance.

This cluster approach targets for cost effective production strategy, saving in raw material procurement by following mass purchase policies, technology innovations, product diversification, exploration of new markets, establishments of common facility centre, etc.

Cluster approach has been quite successful in the National and International field for developing small-scale industries. Cluster development, is therefore reducing SMEs isolation by strengthening linkages among all actors of the cluster (SMEs, Larger enterprises, supporting institutions) assisted in order to co-ordinate their actions and pool their resources for a common development goal.

MSME Development Institute, Muzaffarpur has started cluster development activities for groups of small-scale industries by providing technical and market oriented support for homogeneous groups.

Presently 2 clusters have been identified by our headquater, i.e, DC(MSME), New Delhi in the region of North Bihar. The clusters are :-

  • Makhana Cluster in Darbhanga
  • Litchi Cluster in Muzaffarpur

The soft intervention for the above clusters have been intiated and lot of work related for the devlopment of clusters has taken place. The details can be obtained from Asst. Director (Mechanical) for Makhana Cluster. Asst. Director (Metallurgy) can be contacted for Litchi cluster information.

Different type of intiatives and promotional works ar taken for the cluster development.

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